Marketing Permission, Made Simple

We offer consumers clear and concise control, empowering advertisers.

Trusted Consumer helps businesses reach and monitor contact preferences. Happy customers are those who feel empowered after clicking submit.

Trusted Consumer works with businesses who have a passion to protect and uphold consumer privacy. Individuals and businesses can easily interact, creating a bridge for consumers to research and manage levels of contact with businesses.


What we do

We promote connectivity between your opt-in requests and advertisers. Control your request with ease throughout the entire sales process.


Pro-Consumer Support

We work aggressively to ensure pro-consumer compliance in a space that is ever-changing. Our team designed a process to protect personal information while shopping online.

Consumer benefit

Benefit from transparency, and make your DNC or STOP request heard. Instead of repeating yourself, let our central network do the heavy lifting.

#1 Nationwide Opt-In Permission Brand

Businesses and Trusted Consumer align together following simple permission principles. Trusted Consumer helps businesses record, manage, and present ongoing desired marketing permission. This non-intrusive pro consumer commitment benefits authorized parties through positive net promoter management.

  • ~Reliable and secure for businesses & consumers
  • RTrusted by businesses, loved by consumers

Business Partners and Gateway Parties

The Trusted Consumer network connects consumers with TCPA and TSR opt-in business listings, making it easier for consumers to control information they provide to businesses.

Our Promise

  • Permission is your Choice

Trusted Consumer made a promise to better online experience for consumers. We found losing control of your information could be solved with simple compliance tools. We promise to help businesses delight consumers not only with their products, but also with their commitment to your contact preferences.

  • fComplete Transparency

We strive to maintain a reputation of transparency in a large number of markets. This is reflected as we ensure compliance and permissions is a simple and defined process for all.

  • Own your Data

With Trusted Consumer, you are in control of your data and permissions. Own your information, and control relevancy and frequency.

Privacy and Easy Opt-Out

Please use the form below to make any opt-out or special request to Trusted Consumer partners. We will review every message to expedite your request to a business within our network.

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